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my happiness in life英语作文【篇一】

  In the hard days to learn to strong, learn to carefully in the happy days.

  Everyone is eager to happiness, everyone in the feeling of happiness. Happiness is sometimes abstract and sometimes very specific; Happiness sometimes distant, sometimes close at hand. Dedication is happy, is happy, enjoy happiness is a blessing word is happiness, and an understanding is eyes happiness happiness is the feeling of the heart. Happiness is the experience of life.

  I was a bird in the field of happiness of life, eager to fly out to feel lonely, lonely bird, but it won't let me go around the ornament of the precipitation in the lonely, all accompany in my side: the love of the parents, a friend's care, care have brothers and sisters.

  Remember the time when is going to face out elementary school rise junior high school examination of I, the mood is predictably, not because of fear of the exam, but worry about the results. This time, people came out, they told me a lot of truth, is knocked on the door, my heart I am not worried about it, as long as I work hard, don't too care about its weight is not important, at least I overcome myself, finally I beat, some elimination were sad shed tears, my in the mind that contradiction was nowhere to put, waiting for my difficulties like mountain, if I turn over, that is flat, will face is more after the combat effectiveness of the "enemy", and strive to move forward with hope.

  I will overcome, it is thought that I have the backup, because is the power of happiness has inspired me, make me to enhance the courage. Growing up in happiness; Grew up in happiness; Adults in the happiness. Happiness gave me strength; Happiness gave me courage; Happiness gave me encouragement. All this is all from the premise of happiness.







my happiness in life英语作文【篇二】

  "Crash -- -- -- -- -- -" as yet crisp firecrackers, we usher in the New Year. The coming year, our family busy, everyone is busy preparing for the New Year. You look! Mother, aunt, grandma are preparing delicious dishes, let a person look at eyes are bigger; You see! Dad and uncle are running east west, set the table, put chairs is they live; You see! Lovely children ran around and play, play. At this moment, who let go of the heavy work, the joy of New Year went away with all you heart trouble and unhappy, we happy are hung on the cheek, hearty laugh, smile is natural, smile with satisfaction.

  Reunion dinner in the evening is the most busy time for Chinese New Year! We all gathered together to enjoy the taste of some difficult reunion. At the moment, all while enjoying the dishes on the table is rich, delicious, the most delicious food, have complained of a year, and the joys and sorrows of life. Sometimes leave sounds well-meaning laughter from the table, and sometimes the but again hear love "blame", is really very busy, everyone make summary for the past year, laughing while talking about their New Year new hope. It's New Year new atmosphere!

  My favorite is the fireworks after the meal. Each cluster flame with our new wishes and blessings of the New Year came out from the smoke cylinder, reaching as we passed the vast sky, blossom a beautiful fireworks in the sky. Although it disappeared in an instant, but give me the impression is eternal, colorful fireworks wine to our colorful mood, have red passion, the romance of blue, purple... I can't help for a long time immersed in he brings us happiness.

  Beautiful day always short, start the New Year, in the firecrackers and fireworks in slowly over, left us is as good as fireworks, eternal memory.

  Drifting filar silk I look up at the sky, feel the wind, in the heart silently wish for you: all of us can be happy in the New Year, healthy, more hope my family happiness in the New Year, happiness can accompany us through every beautiful day!








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